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Freshly Made, Assorted Donuts by Ganache

Donuts are one of the most popular treats in Pakistan nowadays. You can find them at almost any grocery store or a local donut business that provides fresh-made donuts on weekends and early mornings. It's no surprise that these airy, visually pleasing treats are so popular! They can be beautifully customized, providing a delicious snack and a stunning Instagram photo. You can get the best donuts in town with Ganache and satisfy your sweet craving. We chose some of the most popular types & flavours and mixed them to create the best-assorted donut boxes for any event ahead. You can send these assorted donut boxes directly to family members or friends by placing an order or ordering them for a certain house party or event ahead of time. 

Why choose Ganache for the Best Donuts in Town?

Freshly Made Donuts

Every day, we make donuts from scratch. Our handmade donuts set us apart from the competition. Only settle for the best; indulge in the high-quality donuts in town that only Ganache can deliver.

We offer various flavors to our customers! Our donuts include a new and varied assortment of flavors, such as:


We offer various types of best donuts in town, such as 

Glazed Donuts 

Ganache makes it with yeast or cake donuts, but the name comes from the glossy glaze that covers the surface. Glazes are available in various flavours, from basic or chocolate to maple. 

Filled Donuts

Most filled donuts include baked donuts injected with cream, chocolate, or puree. The airy aspect of donuts makes room for fillings. Our options include Mini Boston, Mini Strawberry, Mini Lotus, and Mini Nutella, based on your preferences. 

You can use our assorted boxes for the best donut gift boxes or order individual products. You can use any logo, image, or text to match the theme of your party. You can have personalized boxes like Mini Assorted Donut Boxes or Assorted Special Toppings. 

Our premium range of products may include different things. Depending on your party or special occasion, you can get gift boxes for her/ himbouquetschocolate boxesassorted delights, and more.

Don't be concerned about the price of the donuts! Our price starts from Rs. 2300 and can be as high as you want.

Ganache's donuts are to be shared. That's why so many people depend on us as their go-to donut provider for: 

Our bakers can make donuts in whatever color you like. All you have to do is place your order ahead!


We are always ready to take orders and ship the best donuts. Our reputation stretches beyond Pakistan for a clear reason. Order now to discover why we're a cultural icon for handmade desserts.

Flavor Rich, Best Donuts in Town to Order 

Ganache can serve you whether you host an occasion or want to fulfill your cravings! We are Pakistan's best bakers and are happy to provide your buds with an experience that will bring you back for more! Call us immediately or shop online to place your first order. Call us at +92 0344 4355555 for the best available donut options.